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Hobby: Drybrush

Hobby: Drybrush

SKU: AP100137
GTIN: 4019769250041
Brushes come in many shapes and sizes, each with a different use and purpose. The Army Painters brushes all have names that will identify their main task - making it easier to pick the right brush for the job. The type of hair on the brush also plays a big part - and the Wargaming range utilize differnt types depending on the painting task - thus always giving you the best tool to work with. Starter Brushed - Basics for beginners The Army Painter have a series of red handled brushes called "Hobby Brushes". With the finest Toray santhetic hair and round handles, these brushes are perfect for the beginner and come in all the useful sizes and types you need for any paint job. The bristles of this Hobby Drybrush is flat topped and coarse, perfect for the drybrushing technique. The brush comes with a round handle, allowing for a flexible grip. Always keep the article out of the reach of children!
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