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Quickshade Soft Tone

Quickshade Soft Tone

SKU: AP100124
GTIN: 2510011111117
Quickshade is a product used in 4 step technique. In 10 seconds a model will go from being basecoeted in flat colours to being shaded and have incredible depth. The Quickshade comes in 3 tones and which tone to use is down to personal preference and what the army´s main colours are. Quickshade is a revolutionary pigmented varnish, specifically designed for models and detailed miniatures. It creates stunning and realistic shading effects making it possible to paint an army of miniatures in a very short tome. If you like to get your army painted and on to the battlefield gaming in a do-able time frame, Quickshade is your most essentiel tool. This Quickshade is the lightest of the 3 types and is usually applied on lighter colours as a consequence. Especially light flesh colours, pink, yellow and white will get a perfect shading. If you do not necessarily want a sharp and dark shading on your miniatures, but instead prefer the lighter look - the SOFT Tone is your choice. Always keep the article out of the reach of children!
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