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Wargamer: Small Drybrush

Wargamer: Small Drybrush

SKU: AP100129
GTIN: 4019769336042
Brushes come in many shapes and sizes, each with a different use and purpose. The Army Painters brushes all have names that will identify their main task - making it easier to pick the right brush for the job. The type of hair on the brush also plays a big part - and the Wargaming range utilize differnt types depending on the painting task - thus always giving you the best tool to work with. This is a very popular brush and as its bigger brother, this spectacular drybrush has a 43 degree angle cut to make is no less than perfect for drybrushing small miniatures. The size of this brush is designed for drybrushing areas of a model, like chainmail or a weapon - and not neccessarily the whole model at once. Always keep the article out of the reach of children!
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