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Everybody knows the standard 6 sided dice with pips that is used in so many board games, but beside there are a lot of different dice. They vary in shape, color or labeling. The easiest way to differ between dice is by the kind of shaping. In Anglophone countries the page count is shortened as “D” for dice like D6 or D20. In German-speaking countries the page count is shortened as “W” for Wuerfel like W6 orW20. As usual all dice are labeled with numbers. Only the D6 are also available with pips or special labeling. The most common dice are based on platonic bodies. (4, 6, 8 ,12 and 20 sided dice)

Dice types

Beside classic board games dice are often used for roll-playing games like “the dark eye”, Fade/Fuge or Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (AD&D). Especial Pen&Paper player want individual dice fitting perfectly to their characters.