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  • Chessex

    Chessex Manufacturing is an American company that manufactures and sells dice, primarily for the role-playing game (RPG) and collectible card game (CCG) market. It also offers other accessories used in RPGs and CCGs. Company Info: Founded in 1987, Chessex has had a long history of manufacturing gaming supplies for the Role Playing game industry. In 1998, Chessex and The Armory merged. The distribution businesses became Alliance Games Distribution, Inc., and the manufacturing businesses merged into Chessex Manufacturing Co., LLC. (this excludes Armory Spray Primers) The Chessex Standart: At Chessex we are striving to bring uniformity of size, number marking and shape amongst dice. Our goal is to give you the customer the confidence of knowing that any Chessex die you purchase will always be of the same high quality. The Chessex Standard? is already applicable to the following lines of our dice. Speckled?, Opaque, Transluscent, Vortex?, and Frosted