Koplow Games is an American dice producer. Koplow Games, the "Nice Dice Company", are known for their large portfolio of dice and dice accessories. Their assortment contains over 1.200 different standard dice, polyhedral dice and also dice trays, jewelry and dice bags. Koplow is especially known for educational dice. The dice are normally used in math classes to generate random math operations like division or multiplication. Beside this Koplow offers dice for language courses in different languages such as interrogative dice, personal pronoun dice. Dice are offered as usual D6 up to D30 like the alphabet dice Beside all this special dice Koplows best seller are a range of velvet bags in different colors and size, beloved by all RGP players. The wooden dice tray supplements the broad portfolio. You can find all our Koplow dice here Link Koplow Games: www.koplowgames.com

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