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Uhrwerk Verlag was founded by Patric Götz in 2009, with which he wanted to publish role-playing games that were particularly close to his heart. Patric had already gained extensive experience in the role-playing games sector, first as an employee at Spielzeit, a games store in Bergisch-Gladbach, then at the distribution company Welt der Spiele, and finally as publishing director at Ulisses Spiele. After initially continuing to work at Ulisses in various positions and running Uhrwerk only part-time, he decided in 2011 to devote himself completely to his own publishing company. The games in the Uhrwerk portfolio started in 2009 with the German versions of Hollow Earth Expedition and Deadlands Classic (in cooperation with Spielzeit Verlag), as well as the DSA sublicense to the western continent Myranor. Patric was associated with or enthusiastic about all of these games for a long time - and according to these criteria, Uhrwerk's publishing program was and is constantly being expanded. Thus, in the course of the following years, Uhrwerk also published more and more games with great success, including increasingly German in-house productions such as Malmsturm, Contact or Dungeonslayers. But translations of English games also continued to be included in the program, such as the German versions of Legend of the Five Rings and The One Ring. Furthermore, since 2013 it has been clear that Uhrwerk Verlag (under the label Clockwork Publishing) will also try to conquer the English market. A successful Kickstarter for a translation of the German version of Space:1889 funded the English version of the game planned for 2014. And 2014 is also important for the publisher in another way, because Splittermond, a German fantasy role-playing game elaborately produced by the publisher itself together with a large team, was released, which, in contrast to many an enthusiast's system in the publishing program, is intended to appeal to a large circle of potential players. Initially, Uhrwerk Verlag was managed by Patric from his Erkrath home, especially since he was the only one working permanently for Uhrwerk at the time. He was assisted mainly by a large crowd of freelancers and friends spread all over Germany, who still form the backbone of the work on the individual products. Nevertheless, in 2012 Patric decided to open an office for the publishing house in his native city of Cologne in order to better manage the ever-increasing workload. And in the course of this development, the Uhrwerk family was also expanded in 2013 by hiring Nicole Heinrichs and Uli Lindner, who had long been working for the publishing house as freelancers, followed by Tilman Hakenberg in 2015 - because in the meantime, one person can no longer handle the work on the various game systems as well as the associated administrative work alone. Also from an administrative point of view, the work became so much over time that also in 2015 Heimke Husmann strengthened the team as assistant to the management, thus keeping the creative team's back free. At the end of 2016, Tilman Hakenberg unfortunately decided to move his center of life back to Freiburg and leave the publishing team. As a direct replacement, our long-time freelancer Thomas Römer joined us, who will continue Tilman's work. At the same time, due to the ever-increasing workload, we have decided to reorganize our internal structures and to separate the publishing management from the executive management in terms of personnel in the future. This position has been taken over by Uli Lindner, who will relieve the management in some respects and guide the editorial team. Meanwhile, the unchanged high workload soon made it necessary to expand the team again: In 2017, Judith Antonowitsch joined the publishing house as reinforcement for accounting and organization, as well as Askin-Hayat Dogan as an additional editor for Splittermond. In 2019, Uhrwerk Verlag filed for insolvency. As a result, the team was greatly reduced.

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